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University Colleges and Facilities
(Melbourne, Victoria - VIC, Australia)

Melbourne University has 12 colleges that offer housing and other student services during the academic term. Each of these colleges is located around the cricket pitch north of the Parkville campus. The colleges form a half-circle around it, known as the College Crescent.

University College has over 200 students and tutors. Each of its rooms has Internet connectivity, a book case, and a desk. Its dining hall provides buffet-style meals three times a day every day and High Table dinners on Monday and Tuesday evenings.

Graduate House is the official campus residence of the Graduate Union of the University of Melbourne. Each of its terraced rooms has a bathroom complete with towels and robes. Residents can either get a single or a deluxe room. The Bistro serves lunch every weekday. The residents can hang out at the University Graduates Club Bar.

Established in 1886, Janet Clarke Hall is an Anglican college that also welcomes students belonging to other religions. Many of its bedrooms have fireplaces, and all rooms have broadband Internet connectivity and telephones. The college has a tennis court, a darkroom, and a common room with a TV and billiards table.

Medley Hall prides offers academic support services to its students like tutorial services, seminars, and lectures. For relaxation, its students can watch television in the common room, or play pool and table tennis or use the exercise bike in the games room.

Trinity College

Trinity College was founded in 1872, and it was Melbourne University's first college. It is an Anglican college that also welcomes students belonging to other religions. It has a theological school for Anglican ministers and a number of short courses and preparatory programmes for students. Each of its 270 student-residents is given a private room with Internet connectivity and a phone line. It has a dining hall and a state-of-the-art computer room.

Ormond College

Ormond College recently celebrated its 125th anniversary. Its students can stay in a room with a private telephone, voice mail, and Internet connectivity. Unisex bathrooms are located on every floor of the college. Its Dining Hall holds formal dinners four times a week and a special Sunday Brunch. Ormond College offers a comfortable student-to-tutor ratio of 10-to-one.

Queen's College

Founded in 1887, Queen's College offers residence and academic assistance for more than 200 students. It houses the Featonby Library and the Sugden Heritage Collection. The Featonby Library provides the basic reference sources for undergraduate courses, while the Sugden Heritage Collection is comprised of over 8,000 references and resources. Students who want to relax are free to use the tennis courts or the cricket pitch located on the college grounds.

Newman College

Newman College is a Jesuit college that offers accommodation and meals to students. Each of its rooms has a single bed and easy chair, broadband Internet connectivity, and a private telephone. Mass is held twice daily in the college chapel. It has its own choir, which is always open for membership.

St. Hilda's College

With 185 student rooms, St. Hilda's College offers pleasant and comfortable accommodation to student-residents, tutors, and professors. Each room has heating, Internet connectivity, and a telephone with voice mail. Its dining hall holds formal dinners twice a week. It has a 25-metre pool, two fitness centres, a track oval, and a hockey field.

Ridley College

Ridley College is a residential and academic college for Chinese students and aspiring religious ministers. It also has a theological school. Its dining hall that serves authentic Chinese food. Each of its 81 rooms has Internet connectivity and private telephone. Special tutorial services in English are offered by the college.

International House

International House is the largest of the university's colleges with more than 1,000 Australian and foreign students under its roof. It offers generous scholarships to local and foreign students every year and makes sure its scholars stay with the intensive academic support programmes. Each of its rooms is has a fully made bed, Internet connectivity, and a private phone.

St. Mary's College

St. Mary's College has over 150 students. Each of its room has a telephone, Internet connectivity, and complete furnishings. It has a library and offers academic support programmemes like an in-house tutorial service.

Whitley College

Whitley College is a coeducational facility with more than 100 students. It has a fitness centre, a 24-hour library, a convenience store, and a recreation centre. Direct connectivity from the students' rooms to the laser printers in the college computer lab is available.

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